Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Will Ice Melt or Salt Hurt My Wood Floors?

Winter is Not over yet!

Each one the snow melt and salt onto the sidewalks at the Borehamwood can do damage to your lovely hardwood flooring. Moisture in your hardwood flooring isn't ever a fantastic thing. But moisture combined with salt or ice melt is much worse. If you're thinking about how to protect your hardwood flooring from these types of ice melting products, have a look below. Our hardwood flooring experts created a list of useful suggestions to keep your flooring shining for a long time to come!

Quick Cleanups are the Best Cleanups

The moment a spill is made, or moisture rests on your floor, do all you can to clean this up. If the residue is dry, you may only sweep or vacuum the region. It is important to brush or vacuum because you will remove any granules/rocks out of the floor preventing them from scratching the surface. Professional tip: keep a soft and absorbent towel or rag near your doors so it's simple and convenient to mop up messes once they happen.

What Chemicals Are in Ice Melt Products?

Most ice melting products are made from the very same chemicals. They are made from a single, or a mix of, five materials such as, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and urea. Calcium chloride is the most popular alternative because of the high efficacy and low cost. The only problem with salt is that the high pH levels that act as floor strippers. It is known for breaking down the end on your ground and making the wood below vulnerable.

How to Eliminate Salt or Ice Melt Stains

Considering that the compounds in ice salt or melt breakdown that the security in your timber flooring, they may occasionally leave behind a white film or deposit once it dries. You can achieve this using an acidic compound. First, eliminate the movie, using a soft cloth dampened with plain water. If residue remains after this, you can try one of 2 items; including a cup of vinegar diluted in a gallon of warm water, or even a specialist floor cleaning product. If you choose option one, then use this fabric to buff the region in a circular movement and buff dry quickly. Test this process on a small area . As soon as you find the results you were searching for, that's once you're able to expand the region.

Prevention Is Your Best Defense Against Hardwood Floor Damage

Instead of using ice melting products, consider using kitty litter! It won't eliminate the icehockey, but it is going to give a surface for your customers shoes to grip on. Kitty litter provides a softer texture than just salt or ice melt and will not scratch your flooring almost as readily. Another way you can protect against damage to your floors is by using lots of mats. Have a doormat about the inside and the outside of Your House. They have the option to wipe their feet on more than one spot. This will keep these chemicals beyond your residence.

If your floors are really taking a beating this winter and requires a deep cleansing, call FLOOR SANDING BOREHAMWOOD to get a hardwood floor deep clean. Call us at 020 3151 9695 Or schedule a complimentary quote online.